West Hartford CT Home Fitness Regimen Promotes Longevity

Recently we got a visit from a young professional who thought that he was in good health. His insurance carrier changed over at the start of the year, which led him to get a physical with his new doctor. The doctor examined him, then told him that he could do with more exercise, so he called the Ultimate Fitness Superstore to see what he needed for a complete West Hartford CT home fitness regimen.

The professional trainers at The Ultimate Fitness Superstore talked with the young professional for a while, then invited him to come to the superstore so we could talk one on one with him. He agreed and came in the following afternoon when he got off of work. A couple of our professional trainers talked with the man and he told us what he did for exercise, which wasn’t much. He occasionally went to the gym near his work, but it wasn’t a regular routine. He said the reason he didn’t was because he just wasn’t motivated to get up early and work out before heading off to work. We showed him some of our home fitness gyms other professionals preferred, and assured him that if he selected one of these he could exercise daily in the comfort of his own home. The customer was thrilled with the news and ordered a great home fitness gym. He called us two weeks later to let us know that he is working out every day, feeling great, and is really seeing that he wasn’t as healthy as he thought he was. He is now much healthier and in better shape, and has paid many thanks to The Ultimate Fitness Superstore for providing him with a complete home fitness solution.