Student with Injury Gets Equipment for Bridgewater NJ Home Gyms

We were contacted by a student lacrosse player who had torn a ligament in his leg last season. He was recuperating quite well, but needed a good setup for light exercise. He started looking into home gyms in Bridgewater NJ, but needed some advice. He called the Ultimate Fitness Superstore and we told him that he would find everything he needed at our store. The student decided to go to the Bridgewater location to see what home gyms that had in stock.

When he arrived, one of the knowledgeable staff members greeted him and listened to the customer as he explained that he was interested in having one of the best home gyms Bridgewater NJ could offer. He also mentioned that he was on a tight budget. The staff members showed him several models and machines, and the Body Solid Sportsman Gym stood out to the young man. He liked that that it was a complete gym and that it was compact in size, so it wouldn’t take up much room in his apartment. He tried the machine out and enjoyed the feeling of the padded pressing arms, and liked that it featured a 2200 pound test nylon cables. He asked the staff member what the cost was, and was surprised that it was within his budget so he ordered it. The customer received his home gym several weeks ago and his leg is getting stronger and stronger. It won’t be too long until he will be able to be back on the lacrosse field. The customer said he owes all the thanks to the Ultimate Fitness Superstore for providing him the best home gym in Bridgewater NJ.