Glastonbury Home Gyms Help Save Cash

A Glastonbury CT dental assistant wanted to get a treadmill and some free weights, because she realized it would save her money since that is all she ever did at the gym. The dental assistant was paying up to a hundred dollars a month for her gym membership and she figured out that she could own her own equipment and save money on the gym membership. She went to the Ultimate Fitness Store to set up one of the most effective and minimalist home gyms Glastonbury CT had ever seen, and was easily able to do so.

The professional trainers and sales team at the Ultimate Fitness Superstore met with her and we showed her several different treadmills. She was looking for a treadmill that she could hook up her iPad to and one that was heavy duty. We went through the treadmills and she selected the one she wanted, then she choose the free weights that she wanted. We delivered and set up the treadmill at her home where she had created her very own gym. She is pleased that she is saving money on her gym membership and now she is working out more because she has her very own home gym in Glastonbury, CT, thanks to the Ultimate Fitness Superstore. The customer didn’t realize that a home gym would be affordable as she thought that purchasing a quality treadmill would cost her an arm and a leg, but the Ultimate Fitness Superstore proved her wrong with her treadmill purchase.